HeartSmart  was established to provide physicians and patients with a safe, effective and low cost diagnostic test for the early detection of cardiovascular disease. The technology was developed by one of the world’s foremost authorities in IMT research and analysis and has been used since 1997 to provide physicians, patients and research organizations with the most accurate and comprehensive IMT analysis in the market today.

The Company’s proprietary IMT analysis technology was used for many years to provide clinical trials research information on IMT to pharmaceutical companies and government regulatory agencies. After numerous successful studies, it was recognized that the clinical care market could derive great value from the power and precision of HeartSmartIMTplus in detecting and monitoring atherosclerosis. Until now, the benefits of HeartSmartIMTplus were generally not available to the population at large. Physicians and research organizations as well as patients have come to recognize the value of HeartSmartIMTplus in being able to provide more comprehensive information on the state of the patient’s cardiovascular health.

HeartSmartIMTplus is the gold standard in IMT analysis. Since making it available for clinical diagnostic analysis in March of 2002, we have seen a tremendous response from physicians and patients alike in advancing the fight against heart disease and stroke. Numerous studies and articles in major peer review publications such as the Journal of the American Heart Association and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology have further validated IMT as a valuable tool for early detection of heart disease.

With early detection, the patient and physician can work together to arrest or reverse the disease through changes in diet, exercise, lifestyle, medications and other regimens that may be prescribed by your physician.